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Wrong track of a Rail

Dec 01 2016 10:44:52 AM

 Wrong track of a Rail
Date of Release : 22,Sep, 2016
cinereviews.in Rating : 2.5/5
Producer : Aditya Reddy, Aadi Reddy
Director : Prabhu Solomon

Music Director : D. Imman
Starring : Keerthy Suresh, Dhanush

Actor Dhanus, Who Earler scored a sucess with Raghuvaran B.Tech, has come up with his new film Rail.Directed by Prabhu solomon, this has hit the screens today.Lets see how it is

Balli Shivaji (Dhanush) works as a pantry worker in the Chennai-Delhi Express. One fine day, he comes across a girl named Saroja(Keerthi Suresh) during the journey and falls flat for her.
Twist in the tale arises when the train they are travelling in suddenly becomes unstoppable due to certain weird circumstances. What exactly happened to the train? Why can’t it be stopped? How will everyone survive this scare? and what happened to Shivaji’s love story? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points:
The major highlight of the film is its unique backdrop. The whole story takes place on a train. The core emotion of the story was carried well till the climax. The comedy scenes featuring Dhanush and his friends in the first half works pretty well. Especially, Thambi Ramaiah impresses with his comic timing. The various satires on media and few twists are placed well.
Dhanush, as usual, excelled in his character. He didn’t go overboard and performed well within the limitations of his character. Keerthi Suresh attracts in her de-glamorous role. Thambi Ramaiah and Ganesh Venkatraman have done justice to their characters. Good interval bang works well with the audience.

Minus Points:
After an engaging first half, things in the second half go completely haywire. Comedy scenes that come in between some crunch scenes irritate the audience to the core. The fights are a bit over the top and pre-climax and climax scenes also look illogical.
The revenge episode of the commander has no connection to the story. Especially, the lengthy runtime which is about 168 minutes is the major drawback of the film. Even the visual effects are very bad and look very amateurish.
Technical Department:
Though the songs composed by D. Imman were not up to the mark, the background score is good. The cinematography is nice but the scenes which have visual effects look flawed. Dubbing is good and dialogues work pretty well with Telugu audience. Editing is not up to the mark and the production values are good.
Coming to the director Prabhu Solomon, who is the master in making love stories, has chosen the same genre but set the film in a unique backdrop. He handled things pretty well in the first half but failed to do so in the second which takes the film down completely.
Overall, the concept of setting up the entire story on a train looks engaging in Rail. A few comedy scenes in the first half and chemistry between the lead pair also help matters to an extent. But a completely boring second half and lengthy run time kills the excitement and makes this film not a worthy watch this weekend.
cinereviews.com Rating : 2.5/5
Reviewed by cinesameeksha Team