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Rajamouli comments was now hot toppic in tollywood

Dec 30 2016 12:56:02 PM

Rajamouli comments was now hot toppic in tollywood
Ramcharan, surender reddy’s “Druva” trailer released in youtube and within some hours these trailer reached lakh’s of veiwes with in some hours.
There is nothing to shok said by the director rajamouli and he liked so much that triler and he posted Dhruva trailer link in his twitter and Ramcharan, surender reddy appreciated by rajamouli it was very stylish and good looking congratulation to surender reddy and ramcharan, unbelivable response came from audiance  and by mega fans.
Really vary risk  to make the remake movie Ramcharan Rakulpreeth singh was doing as heroin in Druva movie in this film in original version Arvind swami waqs acting as villan one more time all post production work were completed and Druva movie was world wise grand releasing on 9th December