Keeda Cola Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Keeda Cola Movie Rating : 2.5/5

Keeda Cola Movie Review :

keeda cola movie rating

Plot Summary:

“Keedaa Cola” revolves around Jeevan (Jeevan), a man desperate to become a Corporator after being humiliated by one. He seeks assistance from his brother Naidu (Tharun Bhascker), who comes up with a wild plan to help him achieve his goal. The story explores the crazy idea and how unexpected characters like Vasu, his grandfather, and his lawyer friend become entangled in the plan. The film culminates in revealing the fate of all involved.


Director Tharun Bhascker shines as the lead character, Jeevan. His screen presence and ‘hero’ attitude are noteworthy, making him stand out throughout the film. Chaitanya Rao, portraying a character with Tourette syndrome, delivers a commendable performance, although the character’s impact is limited due to its portrayal. The supporting cast, including Legend Brahmanandam, Jeevan Kumar, Raghu Ram, and Vishnu OI, play their roles effectively, adding depth to the story.


Directed by Tharun Bhascker, “Keedaa Cola” showcases the director’s trademark sharpness and witty dialogues, creating a distinctive narrative style. The film explores a crime comedy genre, where the characterizations take center stage. The plot, although basic and silly, gains momentum through unique character interactions and their eccentricities.

The film’s strength lies in its quirky characterizations, with limited but distinct characters, each standing out in their own way. However, the execution of these characters doesn’t consistently hit the mark, leading to mixed results. The narrative introduces various characters and their peculiarities, aiming to elevate the comedy. While some scenes work well, others drag, impacting the overall pacing.

The second half of the film gains momentum with the addition of new characters, leading to a more engaging experience. Despite moments of comedy and wackiness, the plot occasionally feels forced, with certain scenes lacking organic integration. The climax, although predictable, maintains the film’s tone, providing a satisfactory conclusion.


  • Quirky Characterizations
  • Hilarious Blocks in Both Halves


  • Slow Pace Despite Short Run Time
  • Flat Moments in the Plot
  • Some Forced Comedy Scenes
  • Predictable Climax


“Keedaa Cola” offers a blend of comedy and wackiness, driven by distinctive characterizations and Tharun Bhascker’s sharp writing. While the film succeeds in delivering some hilarious moments, its pacing inconsistencies and forced scenes hinder a seamless viewing experience. The movie works well in parts, making it suitable for those who enjoy wacky comedies with a silly plot. Viewers should approach the film with moderate expectations to fully appreciate its quirky charm.

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