MAD Telugu Movie Review and Rating

MAD Telugu Movie Rating: 3/5

MAD Telugu Movie Review :

MAD Telugu movie

Plot Summary:

“MAD” revolves around the camaraderie between three friends – Manoj (Narne Nithin), Ashok (Sangeeth Shobhan), and Damodar (Ram Nithin) – during their engineering college days. The film delves into their escapades, romantic entanglements, and conflicts, showcasing the ups and downs of their friendship.


Narne Nithin delivers a restrained performance as Manoj, portraying the role of the group leader with intensity. Sangeeth Shobhan stands out with his portrayal of a shy, small-town guy, showcasing impeccable timing in both emotional and comic scenes. Ram Nithin smoothly embodies the flirtatious character of the gang, although limited by the script. Vishnu, as Shiva (Laddu), steals the show with his terrific performance, adding depth to the narrative. The heroines, portrayed by Sri Gouri Priya Reddy, Anathika Sanilkumar, and Gopika Udyan, lack significant depth in their roles but manage to hold their own.


Directed and written by Kalyan Shankar, “MAD” is an exaggerated campus comedy that caters to the youth audience, bringing a plethora of relatable situations to the screen. The film kicks off with a series of college events, spanning ragging, seniors versus juniors, friendships, love, exams, and farewells, all peppered with gags and humor.

The narrative predominantly relies on gags to drive the plot, aiming to entertain the audience throughout the film. While the humor starts off feeling forced and over-the-top, it gradually finds its rhythm, eliciting genuine laughter as the story progresses. The film weaves in individual love stories, although they serve as mere formalities amidst the comedy-laden proceedings. Despite the nonsensical nature of the humor, the gags hit the mark more frequently in the post-intermission segment, keeping the viewers engaged.

Despite the wafer-thin storyline, “MAD” manages to maintain a fast-paced rhythm, and the standout characters, particularly Laddu, contribute significantly to the film’s entertainment value. The film’s writing resonates with the youth, though not all comedic content lands successfully.

Music and Other Departments:

Bheema Ciciroleo’s music lacks memorable tunes but complements the film’s tone adequately. The background score, while loud and nonsensical, suits the film’s comedic elements. Cinematographers Shamdat and Dinesh Krishnan B capture the madness of college life, although their work could have been more visually appealing. Naveen Nooli’s editing maintains a racy tempo, ensuring the film doesn’t lose its momentum.


“MAD” succeeds in delivering a laugh-out-loud experience, capitalizing on relatable college situations and gags that resonate with its target audience. While the plot remains paper-thin, the film compensates with its consistent humor, fast pacing, and standout characterizations, particularly Laddu’s role, adding depth to the narrative. Despite its lack of profound substance, “MAD” accomplishes its goal of offering a lively and entertaining cinematic experience, especially for viewers seeking lighthearted comedy with a youthful twist.

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