Martin Luther King Telugu Movie Review, Rating

Marting Luther King Movie Rating: 3/5

Martin Luther King Movie Review :

Plot Summary:

In the village of Padamarapadu, Smile (Sampoornesh Babu) works as a cobbler alongside his assistant Bata, helping the villagers with various tasks. The story unfolds when Smile’s name gets changed to Martin Luther King, and he becomes a significant figure during the village’s presidential election. The film explores the transformation of an ordinary man into a symbol of change and empowerment.


Sampoornesh Babu delivers a sincere performance as Smile/Martin Luther King, portraying an underdog role without his usual over-the-top eccentricities. While it takes time to accept him in this new avatar, his earnest portrayal ultimately shines through. Sharanya Pradeep fits well into her righteous character, even though chemistry with the lead feels somewhat lacking. Her performance serves the purpose, despite minor strains in dramatic moments.


Directed by Pooja Kolloru, “Martin Luther King” revolves around the power of voting in a village plagued by caste politics and social divisions. The film takes its time to establish the village setting and the challenges faced by its residents. While the narrative is honest and well-intentioned, the pacing suffers due to lengthy scenes and repetitive emotions. The film’s slow pace occasionally leads to a sense of lag and repetitiveness.

The story gains momentum at the interval point, leading to an engaging second half where the underdog trope and the film’s core message blend effectively. Despite its predictability, the climax is satisfactory, offering a sense of fulfillment. The film conveys a universal message and timely themes, making it a decent watch despite its flaws.

Performances by Other Actors:

Senior actor Naresh and director Venkatesh Maha deliver dependable performances in their respective roles. The casting is well done, with every actor, even in minor roles, leaving a notable impression.

Music and Other Departments:

Smaran Sai’s music complements the film’s mood, although the background score, while strong in parts, adds to the film’s lethargic feeling. The cinematography adopts a documentary-style approach, fitting the film’s narrative, although smoother editing could have enhanced the overall flow.


  • Strong Message
  • Effective Casting
  • Engaging Pre-Climax and Climax


  • Lengthy Runtime
  • Pacing Issues in Parts
  • Occasional Repetitiveness


“Martin Luther King” stands as an honest and sincere attempt, delivering a powerful message about the importance of voting and social change. While the film suffers from pacing issues, repetitiveness, and a lengthy runtime, its universal themes and timely relevance make it worth a watch. Despite reservations, the film’s strong message and engaging moments contribute to an overall positive viewing experience.

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