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A (Ad Infinitum)


Movie                                      : A (Ad Infinitum)

Language                                : Telugu

Cast                                         : Preethi Asrani, Nithin Prasanna

Category                                 : Drama, Thriller

Censor Certificate                   : UA

Release Date                           : 05 Mar 2021

Duration                                  : 2 hrs 33 mins

Critic’s Rating                         : 2.5/5.0

Users’ Rating                           : 2.0/5.0


A (Ad Infinitum) has an interesting premise let down by draggy screenplay


Sajeev (Nithin Prasanna) cannot recollect his past but keeps dreaming of it. But what he ends up finding out is much more than what he bargained for.


The trailer of A (Ad Infinitum) looked promising, with the dialogue “Science demands sacrifice” making one expect something more than the usual drama. And while the film does have an interesting premise, slow narration and faulty logic when it comes to science, makes the film falter.

Sanjeev (Nithin Prasanna) is a disabled receptionist who’s married to a nurse called Pallavi (Preethi Asrani). They even have a daughter called Amrutha (Baby Deevana). Sanjeev suffers from memory loss and cannot recollect his past from before he met Pallavi at the hospital. The couple leads a normal, happy life but Sanjeev’s dreams keep haunting him. He decides to dig deeper with the help of his journalist friend. At the other end of the tale is police officer Vishnu (Rangadham), who is about to retire and takes up the case of a child abduction. How Sanjeev ties up to this case forms the story.

Thrillers are not a genre often explored in Tollywood but director Ugandar Muni makes a decent attempt. The film however is hard to follow as there’s too much happening in terms of the characters, even if the backstory of the protagonist is draggy. The film also makes a few missteps when it comes to the science of it all, not doing enough to make the audience invest and suspend disbelief. The slow narration in the first half tests your patience but things pick up once it reaches interval point.

The film’s leads end up delivering a decent performance. The music by Vijay Kurakula is not as great but the BGM keeps things interesting. Even though A (Ad Infinitum) has some interesting points, it’s let down by a draggy screenplay. The end reveals there’s space for a sequel, here’s hoping director Ugandhar tackles the subject better next time around.



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