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Love Life And Pakodi


Movie: Love Life And Pakodi

Language: Telugu

Cast: Bimal Rebba, Sanchitha Poonacha, Krishna Hebbale

Category: Drama

Censor Certificate: A

Release Date: 12 Mar 2021

Duration: 2 hrs 31 mins

Critic’s Rating:2.0/5.0

Users’ Rating:2.2/5.0


A half-baked love story that seems to drag on forever.


Two urban millennials who don’t believe in relationships happen to meet by chance and have an affair. What starts off as a no-strings-attached relationship soon turns complicated when one of them wants things to be more serious.


The idea of live-in relationships is not unexplored in Telugu cinema. Several filmmakers have touched upon this topic in the past, with limited success. Love, Life and Pakodi is another attempt on this topic, but the new-age drama hardly comes across as fresh and bores you with its predictability.

Arun (Karthik Rebba) lives in Bangalore and accidentally meets Riya (Sanchita Poonacha) in a rather strange place. Both of them do not believe in commitment and are only interested in having a no-strings-attached fling. Things seem to go well until Arun realises that he wants something more than just a meaningless fling. Riya, on the other hand, is strong-minded and is convinced that she’s not interested in marriage. The clash of opinions leads to complications.

More than storytelling, the director seems to be more interested in preaching to the audience and hammer his point home about why live-in relationships are better than staying in a bad marriage. The youngsters are portrayed in a cliched manner — as marijuana-smoking testostorone-filled millenials who are only interested in sex. The gaps in the narration are obvious when there is a nagging message being sent right through the film.

The film runs on conversation rather than give any scope for performances and the actors gave their best despite the limitations that their roles offer. The pakodi aspect of the film is an unnecessary attempt to somehow connect food with the plot of the film and it fails to connect. The film feels like a drag and makes you hunt for the exit sign and free yourself from the misery.



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