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Mohan Kumar Fans


Movie                          : Mohan Kumar Fans

Language                    : Malayalam

Cast                             : Kunchacko Boban, Anarkali Nazar, Siddique, Asif Ali, Sreenivasan,

Ramesh Pisharody, Vinay Forrt, Sethu Lakshmi, Saiju Kurup

Review                                    : Looking at the reality behind cinema’s glitz

Category                     : Comedy, Drama

Censor Certificate       : U

Release Date               : 19 Mar 2021

Duration                      : 2 hrs 6 mins

Critic’s Rating             :3.0/5.0

Users’ Rating               :3.6/5.0




As a film about the film industry, the movie’s approach is realistic and also gently touches upon the latest trends of manufacturing one’s ‘viral’ moment and crafting a social media persona.




A talented veteran actor, Mohan Kumar, is back on the big screen through a critically acclaimed film and those around him raise his hopes on great recognitions coming his way through the project. His path towards glory, however, isn’t easy.




The tinsel world is not a place filled just with stories of success, luck and beauty. It also overflows with umpteen tales of deserving artistes and technicians for whom things just didn’t work out for one reason or the other. Mohan Kumar Fans is a mirror held towards this truth.


Giving a power-packed performance after a hiatus, veteran actor Mohan Kumar (Siddhique), who once ruled the screen and later faded into oblivion, is back in the limelight. His well-wishers from the industry and outside applaud his acting to no end, repeatedly stating that he deserves the State and National Awards for this film. A man whose ultimate passion is films, Mohan also slowly begins believing that he deserves the awards, and nothing matters more. The movie shows how the episode in his life opens his eyes to certain important facts.


Passion and dreams can be intoxicating, and Siddhique lives as a man who embodies this thought impressively, as he always does. Kunchacko Boban’s portrayal of his role Krishnanunni is likeable, Vinay Forrt gives a few laughs as the actor who chases stardom by hook or crook and newbie Anarkali gives a decent performance. As a film about the film industry, the movie’s approach is realistic in nature and it also gently touches upon the latest trends of manufacturing one’s ‘viral’ moment, crafting a social media persona and more.


However, many parts involving a handful of new supporting cast come across as forced and staged. The scene of the press conference is also a bit hard to digest and it majorly eats into the entertainment factor of the film, in the second half.


Regardless of how the story appeals to a viewer, the movie does offer a few heartfelt moments on how a ‘series of setbacks’ could hit anyone and suggests the right attitude to face it. Everyone aches to succeed, but all things coming together to work well for an artiste or even a film can often be just destiny – and you leave the theatre with this takeaway.



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